Muscle Isolation Weight Training | My Weekly Workout Guide

Take a peek at my weekly muscle isolation workout!

Every week, I cycle through muscle-isolation weight training and cardio depending on how my body feels. I believe in listening to your body, which applies to muscle fatigue or strains, energy levels, etc, so I tweak this schedule accordingly. When lifting heavy, the risk of injury increases, so it’s so important to monitor your body closely.

For each workout, I typically do 45 minutes to 1 hour of weight training (except on back and leg day since those large muscles take much longer) and then I incorporate a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio, either on the StairMaster or the Upright Bike.

Monday – Triceps & Shoulders

KB shoulder press

Let’s face it.. Mondays are always a drag. You feel tired, you’re moving slow, and you wish it was still the weekend. But my answer to the Monday blues is what I call my “bouldas for shouldas” workout paired with a bit of triceps. Shoulders are one of my favorite muscles to train, so I like to start my week off with a workout that I look forward to. I piggie-back triceps onto my shoulder day because I am working my triceps out already with most of the shoulder movements.

Tuesday – Biceps & Abs


After a heavy shoulder and triceps workout, I like to train lighter with a bicep and ab day. My biceps are large and take up a lot of the muscle mass on my arms, so I don’t lift as heavy and as long. I just do maintenance work most of the time. And after a short bicep workout, I focus on my abs before a longer cardio workout.

Wednesday – Yoga


Hump day is the perfect day for a relaxing, calming yoga session to ease the work week stresses. I am naturally a pretty high-strung person and I have found that yoga helps me release all of my physical and emotional tension and stress. And the beauty of yoga is that they really promote a no-judgement environment, so I really feel comfortable and at peace in whatever level of practice I can give. I just close my eyes, feel my breath, and let it all go.

Thursday – FREE DAY


After three days of upper body focused workouts, it’s time for a free day. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean rest day… but if that’s what you feel that your body needs, then definitely rest. But typically if I’m feeling good, I like to mix it up and maybe drop in on a Zumba class, play a bit of tennis, or hit a long cardio session on the StairMaster or bike.

Friday – Chest


Now that my arms are pretty rested after your early week lifting, it’s time to work out my chest. It’s important for your arms to not be too sore or fatigued from previous workouts because working on your chest incorporates your arms, naturally, so you want to feel strong and rested so that you can really push it.

Saturday – Back

My absolute favorite day of the week… BACK DAY! My back is one of my strongest muscles, so I like to reserve this workout for the weekend when I have more time. I dedicate a minimum of an hour for back and most of the time, it takes me about an hour and a half. There are so many fun back training movements and I really enjoy trying different variations each week to keep it interesting.

Sunday – Legs

And now, the dreaded leg day. I have a love-hate relationship with leg day, mainly because I love toning my quads, hamstrings and glutes and I love the soreness I feel after, but the actual workout is brutal to say the least. It’s very common for me to feel nauseous in between sets, which makes it difficult to push through the longest workout of the week. But the pain & suffering is worth it! Who doesn’t want tone legs and glutes, right? Expect to be in the gym the longest on leg days because training such large muscles takes time.

Stay tuned for more detailed workout guides for muscle-isolation training!

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