pic.jpgWelcome, I’m Lauren! I lift, I cook, and I indulge in questionable food choices on occasion. Life is about balance, right?

Over the last few years, I’ve embarked on a journey toward cultivating a more mentally and physically healthy lifestyle, and it has been a wonderful adventure. As my interest in weight training grew, I began to notice that social media was overflowing with images that portray an unrealistic, superficial idea of what health and fitness looks and feels like.

At first, I felt unsure about my own lifestyle and wondered if I simply wasn’t trying hard enough since I wasn’t reaching my goals overnight. As insecurities faded, I realized that the real-life, tangible health and fitness did not look anything like the perfection we see in pop culture and on social media. So, in short, this realization has brought me here to share my unedited, honest experiences with fitness and health.

Obviously, I am a food lover… and I don’t discriminate. Cheese, chocolate and cookies are my favorite. I love to cook and experiment with recipes to make them my own, and I try to stick to mostly paleo or primal-friendly recipes. Yes, I have hopped on the gluten-free train, but to be honest, I am more comfortable physically when I avoid most grains. I love paleo-modified Italian recipes because pasta is my number one craving, but I also love a good steak and veggie dinner.

7D1E651C-4C7F-4541-A8F6-0D074B85469DWhen I’m not at the gym or in the kitchen, I’m either throwing money at Houston’s amazing food scene, traveling through my never-ending bucket list, spending time with my family and friends or snuggling with my pup, Zoey. I love animals, but more specifically I love big dogs, and I dream of opening my own dog kennel one day so that I can love on as many dogs as I want every day!

Thank you for visiting!

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