3-Meat Paleo Texas Chili

Fall is here!

Well, not quite. But in Houston, a few hours a day of 70-degree weather warrants a celebration! So in honor of this “cool” weather tease, I decided to make a big batch of my favorite chili, because what’s better than a warm bowl of chili on a cool night?

My dad has been my biggest inspiration when it comes to cooking and experimenting with fun new ingredients and recipes. Most of my favorite recipes come from him, so naturally, I learned to make this chili from him! It holds so much nostalgia for me, so it doesn’t truly feel like fall until I have a bowl, or two.

Now, for those of you that aren’t familiar with Texas Chili, let me explain. Texas chili is no-nonsense chili. It doesn’t have any extraneous ingredients that muddle or distract one from the core chili… so no corn, no veggies and especially NO BEANS. Yuck!

With that said, this chili is a bit of a jazzed up version of a classic ground meat chili. I enjoy both straight up ground meat or a mixture of chunks and ground meat. My dad is a big fan of chopped chunks of meat in chili, so we opted to change things up in this batch by incorporating chopped pork loin and chopped brisket.

This version does take a bit longer than the 100% ground meat chili, so you can always go for just ground beef in the same measurements if you’re short on time. But once you’ve chopped and browned all of your meat, the rest is a cake walk. Add tomato sauce, onion and all the seasonings and you’re in business!

Once your chili is done, you can add a bit of the masa into your pot to thicken it, but if you are strictly paleo, the chili is great without that. Then, top with your favorite cheese and onion and voila! A delicious bowl of chili to welcome the (almost) fall season!

3-meat Paleo Texas Chili Recipe

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