B&B Butchers

Amidst the local buzz surrounding B&B Butchers, I was grateful to be able to have my own experience with the restaurant during the annual Houston Restaurant Weeks. Over the years, I have become less a fan of dining during HRW, but I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity after hearing rave reviews from many.

Let me start off by first saying that I have not fully explored B&B Butchers as I simply ordered off of their HRW menu.. and sadly I did not see the butcher shop. BUT, what I did taste was absolutely delicious.

The restaurant was packed, which is to be expected on a peak night during HRW, so on arrival, we stood against a wall, uncomfortably waiting to be seated. We were taken upstairs to a much less claustrophobic space where we sat in the center of the dining room. The servers were friendly and very attentive, which was a pleasant surprise, and after glancing at the menu, I ordered Chef Tommy’s Bacon, because who doesn’t order the appetizer named after the chef?!


Chef Tommy’s bacon was a very interesting appetizer in that it simply was thick slab bacon piled high and topped with crumbled bleu cheese and truffle honey. Very simple in description, but so complex in taste. The bacon was wonderfully crisp, which is all that really needs to happen when showcasing bacon… because… bacon! Generous amounts of bleu cheese draped across the bacon pyramid along with a drizzle of the truffle infused honey. And the entire masterpiece looked baked as it had these beautiful golden spots along its back. The dish had the perfect contrast of tender and crispy, sweet and salty, and the richness of each ingredient made for an indulgent appetizer. My one complaint, the portion could have been enough for my main dish, so I was slightly full before my second course.

Oddly enough, I hadn’t planned on having a B&B Butchers bleu cheese-extravaganza, but I was clearly craving dairy that night because for my main dish, I ordered the filet mignon topped with bleu cheese. The steak arrived perfectly medium rare and smelling amazing. The bleu cheese was more like a melted sauce instead of a crust, and it had a very interesting blue/green tinge to it that didn’t lend to an appealing photo.


Nonetheless, the steak was enjoyable. I judge my steak based on 2 very simple qualities – the char on the outside and the temperature on the inside. And this steak was spot on in both areas. I think I could pass on the bleu cheese topping next time around as it took away from the beautiful steak flavor, but it was worth a try!

After my very filling appetizer and main course, I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t remember my dessert! I think I was so full that I didn’t eat much of my dessert, but I also think that B&B Butchers’ desserts aren’t the highlight of the experience. Overall, wonderful dinner and I’ll be back to visit the butcher shop and to try out their other awesome menu items!




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