Davis Street at Hermann Park

Hermann Park’s underrated eatery, Davis Street at Hermann Park, brings a southern flair to a plush Houston neighborhood.

To be fair, I have a slight bias toward Davis Street, but for good reason. My company has been working with Davis Street’s catering department for the majority of its meetings and events, so I’ve been lucky enough to sample their creations (for free). Embarrassingly enough, after working with Jason Walsh, Director of Operations & Special Events, on a number of company events over the past year, today was my first time visiting the restaurant.

Before I rave about the food, I have to comment on how tech-focused Davis Street’s restaurant is! They have everything from electric outlets at the tables to a huge touch-screen tablet in place of your table in the lounge area. It’s about time that restaurants catch up to the tech-centric world we live in and it was extremely refreshing to visit an establishment that caters to that reality. So impressive.

Back to the food! In preparation for a wine tasting event that we are hosting, Jason set up a tasting for us to nosh on what we would be serving to our guests. First up was a beautiful salmon cube served on a slice of cucumber and topped with a dill sauce and garnished with a few playful sprouts.


Firstly and most importantly, the salmon was perfectly cooked. I am very picky when it comes to salmon because it is all too often that the fish is dry and overcooked. But this small bite was juicy and beautifully golden, and the combination of the light cucumber and the salty dill sauce made for a wonderful balance of flavors.

Next up, the chili espresso rubbed beef filet served on a parmesan crisp. The beef was thinly sliced and extremely tender, making the bite-size appetizer very easy to eat. The parmesan chip made this cheese-lover’s heart swoon and the beef was topped with fried shallots, adding a wonderful crunch to the dish. By far my favorite out of all of Davis Street’s creations that I’ve tasted.


Unfortunately, I did not snap a picture of the last treat we tried. And even more disappointing is that this dish won the Trailblazing Appetizer/Entree Award at the 2015 Houston Rodeo’s Uncorked! Roundup and Best Bites Competition. Shame on me! The crispy thai shrimp is well-deserving of the title. The shrimp were tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce and were large enough to need a fork and knife to eat neatly. The sauce was amazing to say the very least and the batter created a wonderfully crispy shrimp.

All in all, Davis Street is truly a one-of-a-kind destination and an excellent staple to any special event catering. It’s always a pleasure to work with Jason and his team and Davis Street has become my go-to for any and all culinary needs. To those who have never heard of the restaurant, please treat yourself  to a sure-to-be wonderful evening of delicious eats and stellar service.





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