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Third Coast Steak Sandwiches Food Truck

After a long hiatus from Houston food trucks, I decided to check out a new truck that was parked at the University of Houston. Third Coast Steak Sandwiches┬áis actually a truck from the creators of Stick It food truck and they dish out massive steak sandwiches with specialty toppings. You can also choose to create your own steak sandwich, so I decided to take advantage. The specialty sandwiches that they feature didn’t thrill me, but I think I was just in a picky mood.

So I made a steak sandwich with cheddar cheese, grilled onions and bacon and I added a healthy squeeze of Sriracha for a nice kick.

Third Coast Steak Sandwiches

I didn’t realize how big the sandwich was until I took a bite out of it and had to stretch my mouth wide open. The bacon was perfectly crispy and the onions were grilled just right to where they were sweet and juicy with the steak. The steak itself was very good and all together, the sandwich was a winner! The only thing I would change is the shredded cheddar cheese… I’m a philly cheesesteak lover and I love my cheese wiz on a nice steak sandwich, so I am partial to the melted cheese concept and the shredded cheese didn’t melt much. There’s nothing better than a melted cheese covered steak sandwich, so maybe if they had steamed the cheese on top of the steak on the griddle?

Overall I enjoyed my first steak sandwich from Third Coast and I will definitely be heading back there for more. I do miss the Stick It truck’s pork belly on a stick, they surprisingly cooked it very well, which is something most places fail to do!

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